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Alchemist Gems's mission is to provide wearable jewelry as energetic defense and support tools, and to make special formulas from Asian grand-masters of herbal alchemy available to Westerners. We want to support lightworkers and genuine heart beings with the best tools available in the world to see them healthy. Especially at a time where we need you more than ever to step up and thrive.


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Benefits of Alchemist Gems jewelry

Which fingers should I wear gemstones on?

Supplements efficiency list

How to detox graphene and dissolve micro blood clots

How to measure energies

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Custom Jewelry

Rings for men

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Pure rings

Special Extracts

Our extract formulas come from 3 different herbal alchemy grand-masters in Burmania, China and Thailand, to bring you the very best. All pure organic ingredients.

Immunity Oil

Moxa-6 Spagyric Tincture

Daoist Crown Chakra Oil

Natural Cordyceps Oil

Cordyceps Hyper-C

Chaga Hyper-C

Reishi Hyper-C



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