Gemstone Compatibility Reading

To provide a comprehensive custom-tailed service, we offer FREE Gemstone Compatility Reading!

Etienne will personally do energy readings to measure what % each stone is good for you, what % it is bad, and what % you need it. He will also measure the effect of each special oil.

Here's some information about the energy reading methodology.

Etienne also offers other types of (paid) energy reading profiles such as Soul Alignment Reading and God & Money Reading.

During the pandemic, crystals became severely infected and dangerous to use. In the post-pandemic, we're dealing with complicated timeline fragmentation that makes certain frequencies safe and others problematic, like navigating a labyrinth. It's completely different for each person.

For that reason, we highly recommend that you get a reading before getting gemstones to see which ones will help you the most, and which ones you're not yet ready for.

These readings are for highly-attuned gemstones; crystals elsewhere are in a post-apocalyptic state and will rank much lower.


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