How to Detox Graphene and Dissolve Micro Blood Clots


A lot of people who got jabbed have problems with blood clots. What's more concerning is that they all have micro blood clots and only the more serious cases get acknowledged.

Research have found that graphene is present in the blood and is causing the micro blood clots.

Why did they inject graphene into the bloodstream?

It is the computer hardware plugging people into a quantum AI hive mind system. This is why people changed their behavior after getting injected, and insist for others to do the same. We have been battling this AI hive mind system intensely for 4 years. It is now mostly dead.

There still remains the wreckage of that technology in people's bodies. How can we cleanse it?

You can use muscle-testing (kinesiology) to measure the effectiveness of various approaches. The great majority of approaches out there are less than 5% effective. If you want to dissolve micro blood clots, you must allow the body to detox the graphene.

Who needs to detox graphene? Anyone who got jabbed, got in contact with jabbed people, or have family members who got jabbed.

Effective approaches to remove graphene

Celery juice: 32.5% effective against micro blood clots, 25.6% against graphene! I do not know why or how, but this will help! Put celery in the blender, then filter out the fiber otherwise it will be very hard to drink, unless you want fiber. The whole celery is 33.5% effective against blood clots and 25.9% against graphene, but you can drink a lot more than you can eat. I measure less than 1% difference between normal and organic celery.

Wild Cordyceps Oil: 93.2% effective against micro blood clots and 87.2% effective against graphene!

Cordyceps Syrup Hyper-C: 91.5% effective against micro blood clots and 85.9% effective against graphene!

Chaga Syrup Hyper-C: 91.4% effective against micro blood clots and 75.7% effective against graphene!

This explains why cordyceps ranks so damn high for everyone in the Gemstone Readings! Effectiveness will vary for each person. For this purpose, farm cordyceps syrup works just fine. I highly recommend serving cordyceps oil or syrup to jabbed family members without giving explanation.

What's the ideal dosage? According to muscle-testing, I would say: 3 doses of farm cordyceps syrup during the week, or 1 drop of wild cordyceps oil on the tongue for 5 days, and NOT MORE. You don't want to cause a spiritual overdose to people who are asleep. It will unlock some generators inside the body and cause a chain reaction that will cleanse the body within 3 months. If you're not seeing enough effect, wait one month and repeat. Until the body generators fire up.

If that's the case, then you can in theory treat 100 people with a bottle!

Our natural cordiceps oil comes from the Burmese side of the Himalayas and requires a 7-day trek through the Himalayas to harvest. Our supplier has 2000-year-old ancestral knowledge on how to extract the essence from plants and mushrooms, knowledge we don't have in the West. The farm cordyceps is extracted using the same method.

How effective is cordyceps we find in the West?

Cordyceps powder: 32.5% effective against micro blood clots and 18.9% effective against graphene.

The only cordyceps oil I found: 35.3% effective against micro blood clots and 19.7% effective against graphene.

Cordyceps tea, soaked for 40 minutes: 39.2% effective against micro blood clots and 20.3% effective against graphene.

It just doesn't cut it; might as well use celery juice.

You can get our natural or farm cordyceps here.