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There's a lot of complaints about the supplements industry, both from consumers and producers. The majority are useless at best, and this creates a lack of trust that affects the few good ones. Kevin Trudeau took a bold stance in this video exposing the scams in the industry. I'll give the next blow with this list.

Years ago, I released the Book Accuracy List, measuring the accuracy and vibration of a wide range of books. This helps take a step back and put all the various knowledge and philosophies into proper perspective. I am now doing the same with the supplements industry.

Here's an explanation of the energy measurement methodology, which I specialize in and have been doing for many years. Being able to measure the accuracy of information, or the benefits of a product, is a total game-changer.

Here's an explanation of this energy reading profile. How to give a fair shot for each company, when certain products are more situational and others are more for general use, and when the effects vary for each person? I measure what % the product is good, % bad, and % people need it, for the 10% of people who need it the most.

Then, I measure variance which means how much the readings vary between those 10% and other people. There is no specific scale on variance, I just ask for a number and write it down. Sometimes it's best to keep it high-level and just ask simple questions without worrying about the details. This number is relative and is only meant to compare between products. Variance is not necessarily a bad thing if a product is designed to treat a specific condition. Reishi and Crown Chakra Oil, for example, are not for everyone.

Sometimes numbers go above 100%. For big numbers, 'e' means the numbers of '0's that get added. "9.9e307" is the biggest number I can put in the system so that means it peaks higher than that.

Score vs Raw views: There are 2 ways of viewing the data. The energy measurements are in the Raw view. The Scores view shows an interpretation of the readings with 5 scores between 0 and 100: benefits, side-effects, need/integration, variance and vibration. Excellent readings can reach 110. It can go above 110 if it's exponentially better, to a limit of 150. For final score, any score below 50 is considered a deal-breaker and is counted 3 times.

Pricing is also a factor to consider. Products with a score above 90 are worth paying a premium for, while those between 50 and 80 are fine as long as you don't spend too much.

Some interesting observations. Reishi extract ranks both highest for Alchemist Gems, and lowest for Tria Alchemy. They have the best compound extraction method, but only 5% extraction of life force energy (Qi). Reishi, the Immortality Mushroom, has its own intelligence. It is fighting the poor Tria extraction and is unstable. Before consuming your Reishi, it's worth taking a minute to imagine having a conversation with it in your head, asking for permission, and giving it the respect it deserves.

There are many different factors: nutrients in the soil, plant Qi accumulation from nature, compound extraction, Qi extraction, vibration, and your body's ability to integrate both the physical compounds and the Qi. Norton Herbalistics has very good extracts that your body cannot integrate. The energy of a product seems to have a big effect on the ability to integrate it. E3Live Blue Majik algae is wildly underrated!

I measure 4 different products for each company to give a fair shot at each, without positive or negative flukes. You can do an accuracy check on the list using the energy reading method. Note: it is possible that the energy of certain products change over the years and alter certain aspects. What we're mostly interested in, though, is which companies can be trusted or not, and that's unlikely to change.

All Products By Companies